Are Idubbbz and Anisa jomha still together?

Are Idubbbz and Anisa jomha still together?

Anisa Jomha and Ian Carter, aka IDubbbz, are still together and going strong. The couple is invested in trying new things as a hobby, and boxing is one of them. Anisa Jomha is a well-known name in the world of online streaming; she saw a fair share of controversies of her own when she joined an adult streaming platform, "OnlyFans."

How old is Anisa jomha?

Anisa Jomha was born in Alberta in Canada, on June 25, 1993. She is from Edmonton. Her family consists of one sister, Iman, and one brother, Muhammad. Okay here’s the sternum/stomach tattoo.

Is Maureen jomha married to Anisa?

Prior to their marriage, Maureen was a Catholic, while Mr. Jomha was muslim; when the couple married, Maureen Jomha converted to the Islamic religion, so Anisa’s parents raised their children in accordance with Islamic doctrines. She has two siblings- a sister, Iman Jomha and a brother Muhammad Jomha.

Why was Anisa jomha banned on Twitch?

Anisa Jomha is an online streamer and a YouTuber. She is well known as the girlfriend of the popular content creator iDubbbz. She has been banned on Twitch as there was a drama which had her and her YouTuber boyfriend involved. iDubbbz is well known as he has a following of over 7.9 million subscribers.