Are juniper trees deer resistant?

Are juniper trees deer resistant?

Juniper is a plant that is known to be deer resistant. Junipers have a strong scent, bitter taste, and sharp needles. Deer tend to ignore plants with these attributes. Junipers make a great screening or privacy plant if you live in an area with deer pressure.

What is a blue arrow juniper screening shrub?

Blue arrow juniper screening shrub is ideal for tall, narrow screens where space is limited Produces a very narrow, upright form with tight, bright-blue foliage, making a colorful addition to your garden

Do deer eat blue arrow junipers?

This tree gives you a vertical accent with a very delicate fine-textured foliage. Blue Arrow also produces silvery blue berries from late spring on and the birds love them. Deer don’t like the taste of these small trees, but the birds will flock to Blue Arrow Junipers from spring to late winter.

Are blue arrow junipers easy to grow?

The Blue Arrow Juniper is extremely tough and easy to grow. Once established it is highly drought-resistant, and it is a perfect choice for low-water gardens, and rocky, semi-natural areas too. It will grow in any well-drained soil, including poor, sandy and rocky ones, and even in coastal areas, where it is resistant to salt-spray and salty winds.