Can what you eat and drink affect your period?

Can what you eat and drink affect your period?

The hormones estrogen, progesterone, and also testosterone help regulate menstrual cycles. Because your diet can affect your hormone levels, there’s indeed some truth to the idea that what you eat and drink may delay or bring on periods. Consider, for instance, that:

How can I Stop my period right now naturally?

Use lemon or lime If you want to stop your period in a natural way, then using lemon or lime is a simple strategy. Get lemon and either suck it or mix it with some water and drink. Lemon can help cut short or reduce your flow during periods.

Does lemon juice work to make your period go away?

It works a lot.For warm water should put lemon juice and should drink it helps a lot.Will get relax.It does not have any effect according to me. yesit wil work just eata lemon every day while on your cycle and it shorten it . yes it does make your period go away if u drink it a couple of days be4 it will stay away for 2 to 3 days i have tried it!

Does lime juice delay periods?

Lime juice is a rich source of vitamins and citric acid because of which consumption of lime juice before periods can delay them and also make your flow lighter and ease up period complication during your cycle. Having lime juice a couple of days before your expected period date helps to delay them without any problem.