Can you add money to a Walmart gift card?

Can you add money to a Walmart gift card?

You can add money to a Walmart gift card at any register in the store including the self-checkout where you can do it yourself. Go to the cashier, with card and cash in hand. Make sure first that the card is reloadable. There may also be a fee to add money. , Walmart employee 12+ years, currently a cashier.

How do you activate a Walmart gift card?

To activate your Walmart gift card online:Click on the link to the activation website in your email.Next, enter your card’s number, activation code, and PIN.Once all the information is entered and verified, your card will be activated to use.

Can I only use my Walmart giftcard at Walmart?

You can use the Walmart gift card at, of course, any Walmart store. But, the fun doesn’t stop there. It can also be used at Walmart (dot) com, at any gas station at a Walmart (if they have one) and at Sam’s club gas stations and in the Sam’s Club store. If you’re not a member of Sam’s club, you’ll pay a 10% surcharge on your purchase.

Can you get gas with a Walmart gift card?

You can use these gift cards to pay for gas and other purchases. Walmart offers their cards as plastic gift cards and digital eGift cards, and you can redeem these two cards at Sam’s Club. You can use the physical Walmart gift card for all purchases at Sam’s Club or at any of the Walmart gas stations.