Can you buy NARS makeup at Ulta?

Can you buy NARS makeup at Ulta?

Ulta will now sell NARS makeup. NARS is a venerable makeup powerhouse! So yeah, Ulta is officially becoming my favorite one-stop shop for all things beauty. The partnership with NARS further…

Do you like Ulta or Sephora better?

Ulta brand is WAY better than Sephora brand. I really gave Sephora a chance with their line of makeup but it’s just not my favorite. Maybe one day, one of their products will change my mind but, I just prefer the Ulta brand if I have to choose. They have better deals on their brand like buy two get two free.

Does Ulta do free makeup?

ULTA always has deals where you get a free gift with a qualifying purchase. They are brand-specific, so you’ll see something like this one: Get a free IT COSMETICS Deluxe Size Lash Blowout Mascara with any $35 IT Cosmetics purchase.

Can you get your makeup done at Ulta?

Ulta doesn’t offer free makeovers, but you can pay for a makeup lesson or makeup application. A makeup lesson will help you find the ideal colors for your complexion and teach you tips and tricks for applying makeup at home. For makeup application, an Ulta employee will apply full makeup to your face.