Do you need an optic in OTS 9 season 6?

Do you need an optic in OTS 9 season 6?

Thanks to the Season 5 iron sights fix, there is now really no need to run an optic for an aggressive close-range OTs 9 loadout in Season 6, and this means you can spend an attachment elsewhere. This build offers you lots of movement speed, fast ADS times, and a quick time to kill that could well rival your MAC-10 Warzone loadout.

What are the best OTS 9 loadouts in Warzone?

The best OTs 9 loadout in Warzone 1 Muzzle: GRU Suppressor 2 Barrel: 8.1" Task Force 3 Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight 4 Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock 5 Ammunition: Spetznaz 40 Round Magazine

What makes the OTS 9 so good?

The OTs 9 also receives sound suppression, a vital attachment in the late game that ensures your shots won’t be picked up on the radar. The recoil on the OTs 9 is incredibly low, so we can afford to take a few hits in this area without having to worry about any repercussions.

What is the best weapon to pair with the OTS 9?

We recommend you stick to the close-range, high-speed build. Since the OTs 9 is so powerful up close, you will want a long-range Assault Rifle to pair with it. You can check out our guide to the best Assault Rifles in Warzone for ideas; the EM2 and Krig 6 are both great choices right now.