How do you make Jell-O grapes?

How do you make Jell-O grapes?

JELLO Grapes are sweet, tart and perfectly snackable! In a heavy bottom saucepan over low heat, combine water, sugar and corn syrup. Stir until sugar has melted and mixture has reduced, approximately 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool for 10-15 minutes, but not too long or the mixture will start to harden.

What are crack grapes?

Crack grapes are grapes that have been coated in a candy syrup and then rolled in ‘cracked’ hard candy like Jolly Ranchers, sour Cry Baby Tears, sour WarHeads, or rock candy.

Can you freeze grapes with Jell O gelatin powder?

Once the grapes are frozen, you can transfer them to a plastic storage container or freezer bag. There are multiple methods or instructions for this simple no-bake snack, the easiest methods for coating the grapes with Jell-O gelatin powder include: #1 – as I have made these, using toothpicks.

What kind of grapes can I use to make crackers?

However, you can choose to just roll them in granulated sugar (frosted grapes). Or get crazy and make popular crack grapes, covered with syrup and then coated with cracked candies like Jolly Ranchers or rock candy. I like to use green seedless grapes. However, you can use any variety that you like.