How do you upload videos to share?

How do you upload videos to share?

Upload a videoStart uploading videos. Click the Upload icon at the top of any page or just drag and drop new videos to one of your groups or channels.Edit metadata. …Publish and playback. …Share. …Supported upload formats. …Quotas and limitations. …Troubleshooting. …See also

How can I share a large video file?

Method 1 Method 1 of 3: Using Google Drive Download ArticleGo to in a web browser and login if prompted. Every Google account comes with 15GB of space for free.Click or tap the New button or icon. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll see a multi-colored plus sign (+).Click or tap File Upload. You might see Upload instead. …Navigate to and click or tap on your file. …Share your file. …

How to send large video files for free?

Share Large Videos for Free FAQCompress video files before sharing.Reduce video size by using video editing tool.Share large files over the internet with Gmail and Google Drive.Share a large number of big files by using a disk drive.Turn to free online services to upload and send large video files easily.

How do I share a large video?

Facebook: You can upload a video as large as 1.75 GB, and use the privacy dropdown list in your post to select Specific friends.Vimeo: Upload a video up to 500 MB, and share the video privately using a password and a share link.Twitch: Upload a video up to 10 GB and uncheck the share my activity box to keep the stream private.shaMore items…