How does Brutus idealism lead to his downfall?

How does Brutus idealism lead to his downfall?

This idealism leads Brutus to make several tragic errors, including not being able to see past Cassius’ lies, being too trusting of others, and ultimately his decision to kill Julius Caesar. While Brutus’ idealism is what makes him a great leader, it is also what leads to his downfall.

Is Brutus a tragic hero or a villain?

Brutus is an excellent example of a tragic hero with terrible flaws in Julius Caesar. Because to his special friendship with Caesar and the people’s affection for him, Brutus is superior.

How does Brutus make an error in judgment?

First off is that Brutus makes an error in judgment by joining the conspiracy to over throw Caesar. But the only reason that Brutus had joined was because his tragic flaw was honor; he lived his life on the guidelines of honor and loyalty. Now lastly Brutus had caused his very own downfall…

What is Brutus tragic flaw in Julius Caesar?

Brutus’s tragic flaw was his belief that he could act in the best interests of the people, without considering their opinions. He thought he knew what was best for them, and was willing to kill Caesar – and start a civil war – to protect their interests. In the end, Brutus was wrong, and many people died because of his actions.