How does the downtime on the iPhone work?

How does the downtime on the iPhone work?

Moreover, the Downtime on the iPhone will apply to all iOS devices that are using the same iCloud for screen time. Before the schedule, there is a warning with a pop-up screen 5 minutes before your iPhone reaches to the downtime.

What does downtime mean in settings?

When you schedule downtime in Settings, only phone calls and apps that you choose to allow are available. Downtime applies to all of your Screen Time-enabled devices, and you get a reminder five minutes before it starts.

What is the difference between app limits and downtime?

Downtime is another feature within Apple’s Screen Time, like App Limits. Rather than putting a time limit on apps or app categories like App Limits does however, Downtime allows you to schedule a block of time where only apps that you choose will work.

What happens when I block an app at downtime?

When you toggle ON Block at Downtime, an app when launched will get the Screen Time notification – with an Ask for More Time request. If your child selects this option – only one minute more access to the app is granted.