How much calcium chloride do you put on a driveway?

How much calcium chloride do you put on a driveway?

Apply calcium chloride at the rate of 0.75 gallons per sq. yd. (3.9 liters per sq. meter). Pulverize a second time to thoroughly mix asphalt, base material and calcium chloride. Grade the materials to establish the desired surface profile.

What is the best chlorine for asphalt paving?

Calcium Chloride can perform in as low as -25 degrees F and is fast acting. Being able to perform at such low temperatures means that the asphalt is greatly protected from the risks associated with the freeze-thaw cycle. Magnesium Chloride – This is typically sold in pellet form.

Why do we use calcium chloride instead of asphalt?

In addition, emergency and local traffic can still use the roadway during construction and before asphalt is applied because liquid calcium chloride sets up almost immediately. Calcium chloride extends road life and reduces the amount of patching and other maintenance needed.

What is the purpose of calcium chloride in road construction?

It retains moisture so prevent it from drying out, it also helps bind and stabilize the agragate as well as improves compacting. It is widely used in road reclamation. I suspect the calcium chloride is only useful in the curing process of the asphalt.