How much is a blockbuster membership card worth?

How much is a blockbuster membership card worth?

Someone’s Listed A ‘Vintage’ Blockbuster Membership Card For $810 On Ebay For many people of a certain age, a trip to Blockbuster was the ultimate Saturday night treat, complete with a bag or two of microwave popcorn and, if you were lucky, some crispy chilli beef, egg-fried rice and spring rolls from the Chinese takeaway.

How do I pay off my Blockbuster gift card?

Call 1-800-406-6843. Follow the audio prompts and type in your blockbuster gift card number at the appropriate time. Then you receive the balance on the card. Go to Blockbuster’s gift page listed in the reference section.

How do I check the balance on my Blockbuster card?

Type in your card number and pin, then click on "Check Balance" to see the remaining credits. Go to the nearest Blockbuster and present your card to the merchant. The cashier looks up your card and then prints a receipt with the balance.

What if Blockbuster was still open?

While Netflix and Disney Plus are great and all, Blockbuster had way more movies than those two streaming services. They also had video games to rent. If Blockbuster was still open, I would still be going there every weekend to rent a movie to watch with my friends or a video game to play. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.