How much is an average .25 carat diamond worth?

How much is an average .25 carat diamond worth?

What is a.25 carat diamond worth? The value and price for a diamond of this size varies but is generally between £200 GBP and £310 GBP. Besides the grading of the diamond according to the three other Cs (cut, colour, and clarity), the fluctuation in market value also affects the price of a.25 carat diamond.

How much does Diamond cost per carat?

Yes, a low-quality 1-carat (0.2 of a gram) diamond costs around $2000, whereas a superior 1-carat diamond might cost approximately: $15000 for a brilliant-cut, extremely high clarity, and a gorgeous shape! For a diamond of 2 carats, we might be looking at a number as high as +$44000 or as low as $6000! as you see in these two screenshots:

How much does a .25 Diamond cost?

how much does a 1.25 carat diamond cost. natural 1.25-1.45 ct $8000-12,000 | lab grown 1.25-1.45 ct $2,100-4,000. One and a quarter to one and a half carat diamonds are available in many shapes and qualities, but supply becomes much tighter near the 1.40-1.50 size.

What carat diamond should I Choose?

If you’re using these diamond dealers or any others, keep the following in mind:Only purchase diamonds that come with a GIA & AGS certificate.Run comparisons for price and beauty across various websites before purchasing.Ensure that the Diamond Cut is an ideal cut, or a GIA grade quality of Excellent. …Opt for a high-quality setting for your engagement ring, like one made of 14k white gold, yellow gold or rose goldMore items…