How to keep geraniums over winter?

How to keep geraniums over winter?

Overwintering Dormant GeraniumsPot Before the First Frost. Pot your geraniums before the first frost, cutting the plants back by about half. Allow the soil in the pot to dry out.Place a Paper Bag on Each Pot. Place an overturned paper bag on top of each plant. …Check Every Few Weeks. Check your geraniums every few weeks to make sure the leaves and stalks are not shriveling. …

Do you cut back Geraniums in the winter?

While taking cuttings is not technically how to keep geraniums over winter, it is how to make sure you have inexpensive geraniums for the next year. Start by taking 3- to 4-inch (7.5 – 10 cm.) cuttings from the green (still soft, not woody) part of the plant. Strip off any leaves on the bottom half of the cutting.

How to trim back geraniums?

Buy only geranium plants that have three or more branches.Pinch back geraniums when you plant them and deadhead branches after blooms fade.Remove blooms as they fade.Plant geraniums in full sun where they receive six or more hours of sun each day.

How do you trim geraniums?

Step 1: Examine your geraniumBefore you ask us, “how do you trim geraniums?” we want you to take a good look at your plant from different directions.Identify the problem areas such as sections with scanty growth, dead stems, or lopsided growths. …Also, determine what shape you want to give to the plant before you begin cutting it back.More items…