How to safely use plastic containers in your microwave?

How to safely use plastic containers in your microwave?

– Plastic storage bags or plastic bags from the grocery store. Dr. George also encourages people to follow these microwaving tips: – Never reheat the plastic tray formulated for frozen dinner and lunch entrees. These are intended for one-time use only. – Vent the container when microwaving by leaving the lid ajar or lifting the edge. – Ensure your product states “microwave safe” or contains instructions for use in the microwave.

Why you shouldn’t use the microwave with plastic containers?

Do not use plastic wrap on containers in the microwave.By heating the plastic in the microwave or put it in the freezer, dioxins are released.Dioxin is a chemical that causes cancer, especially breast cancer.Dioxin poison the cells of our body.This information, in turn, has been circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Is harmful to microwave food in plastic containers?

That makes the common practice of reheating your leftover food in the microwave very dangerous. But not all plastic containers are unsafe in the microwave. Some types of plastic are approved by the FDA to be put in a microwave. The worst hazard an unsafe plastic container can produce is contaminate your food.

How to know if plastic container is microwave safe?

Some Tips for Using Microwave SafelyUse only plastic containers with a microwave-safe symbol.Even containers with a microwave-safe symbol should not be used unless you know they are made of BPA free plastic material.Never use any container that does not have a symbol on it even if it seems a very strong plastic.More items…