Is Bron breakker dating Cora Jade?

Is Bron breakker dating Cora Jade?

NXT Champion Bron Breakker is dating fellow WWE Superstar Cora Jade, as per the latter’s latest Instagram story. Breakker, currently one of the hottest acts on WWE TV, has a bright future once he makes his way to the main roster. He has been nothing but impressive with his current run in WWE NXT.

How old is Cora Jade?

Cora Jade, also known as Brianna Coda was born in Chicago, Illinois on 17 January 2001. Currently, her age is 21 years old. She is a very famous and popular American professional wrestler. Currently, she is signed to WWE and she fights for it. She performs under NXT and that is why she changes her name to Cora Jade.

Is Cora Jade’s stock rising in NXT?

His stock continues to rise as the future is truly bright for the young star. His personal life also seems to have flourished recently. Cora Jade is also one of the top stars in NXT 2.0, as she is a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion and has been part of numerous feuds and matches so far on the show.