Should I use recommended Lesco setting?

Should I use recommended Lesco setting?

Operating with a consolidation strategy: consolidating your clients under my brands. If your fert is non lesco DO NOT USE RECOMENDED LESCO SETTING. They are never right. Use the Info supplied for lbs/setting and calculate for your formulation. More crap than You or my wife can imagine! Thanks MacLawnCo!

How do I use a Lesco spreader?

When using a LESCO product, find the designated setting listed on the bag and then cross reference that number to your particular spreader type using the attached documents. Keep in mind that labeled settings on the product bag and those listed within the charts are approximate and should be used as a starting point only.

Where can I find Lesco seed?

You will find LESCO seed everywhere that quality matters, from lawns, golf courses and sports fields to roadsides and sod farms. So no matter your challenge or environment, we have seed that will get the job done.