What are the best dairy-free fats for pie crust?

What are the best dairy-free fats for pie crust?

While a handful of dairy-free fats can be used to make pie crust, we’ll focus on four of the best choices in this post. Vegan butter, shortening, coconut oil, and lard are all dairy-free alternatives that can be used in place of butter in pie crust recipes.

Is flaky pie crust dairy free?

Flaky and buttery in flavor, this dreamy dairy free pie crust is made with just four simple ingredients! And you’ll never believe there’s no butter involved thanks to a secret ingredient – coconut oil. Easy to make and perfect for both sweet and savory dishes, it’s also egg free, soy free and vegan.

Does pie crust contain dairy?

Here’s another factor to consider with dairy in pie crust: When you buy a “pie crust mix,” it will typically recommend adding butter to it. However, you can keep the dairy out of your pie crust by just using vegan butter instead. Does Pie Crust Contain Eggs?

Which store-bought pie crust brands are vegan?

We’ve done the research for you to find the best store-bought vegan pie crust brands for a sweet end to your Thanksgiving dinner. Marie Callender’s, known for its classic home-style pies, has frozen pie shells that are free of animal-derived ingredients.