What are the tiny black bugs in my bathroom?

What are the tiny black bugs in my bathroom?

You may think there are tiny black jumping bugs in your bathroom as mature black worms become drain flies that hop about. These worms don’t bite, and they have no interest in humans other than to feed on decaying bio-matter like the hair and skin cells clogging up your drains.

What are black worms in the House?

Black worms are also known as drain worms, are the larvae of drain flies or moth flies. They decompose organic material and within a week, become drain flies. Black worms are usually found in moist areas that have some organic matter.

What are the black worms in my drain pipe?

Drain flies crawl up pipes or down drains, where they lay hundreds of eggs. These eggs hatch, producing the larvae or black worms.

How to get rid of black worms in bathroom?

Getting Rid of Black Worms from Your Bathroom. 1 Inspect for Clogs and Clean the Drain. Semi-clogged or clogged drains collect dirt and organic matter such as hair, fungus, or fur. Your first step … 2 Kill the Black Worms. 3 Kill the Drain Flies. 4 Remove Their Breeding Areas. 5 Preventing a Black Worm Infestation. More items