What can you put in a pinata Besides candy?

What can you put in a pinata Besides candy?

What can you put in a pinata instead of candy?Pencils. …# 2. Hair Bands, Clips, and Bows. …Pencil Toppers. …Jumping Frogs. …Finger Puppets! …Snack Pouches. …Stickers.

What are some creative things to put in a pinata?

Legos – Fill it with a set or get a big pack of generic Legos to add to their own collections. …Crayons and markers – Who doesn’t need more crayons and markers? …Pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, craft feathers, googly eyes, pom balls – With all these items you’ve got a craft project in the making.More items…

How to make a pretty pinata?

Tricks To Making A Pinata The Easy WayUse a box. I like to use an Amazon box. …Use Strong Rope. You need to make sure you use pretty strong rope to hang the piñata with. …Reinforce The Rope. Make sure you reinforce the area you will hang the rope from so the piñata will hold up to being whacked a whole bunch of times! …Don’t Overfill Your Box. …

What do you need to make a pinata?

To make a piñata, you need: An inflatable balloon: choose one that is very solid and extensible. Indeed, your balloon should not break or deflate during frequent handling. Old newspapers: you can also choose layers of tissue paper. Glue for wallpaper: you can buy. Alternatively, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need water and flour that you whip well . Paint