What colors is Italy flag?

What colors is Italy flag?


What order do the colors go on the Italian flag?

The colors of the Italian flag are green, white and red, in that order. In 2003, after being in use for almost 200 years, the specific shades of the colors was determined by the Italian government. These shades are fern green, bright white and flame scarlet. The meaning of flag colors has been debated quite a bit.

What are the Pantone colors for the Italian flag?

green: Pantone tessile 18-5642TC ( Golf Green ), called in the text "bright green grass";white: Pantone tessile 11-4201TC ( Cloud Dancer ), called in the text "milky white";red: Pantone tessile 18-1660TC ( Tomato ), called in the text "red tomato".

What do the colors on the Italian flag represent?

What do the colors of the Italian flag represent? The most popular – which has become the accepted fact – is that the colours represent Italy itself: white for the snowy Alps and other mountain regions; green for the plains and the hills; and red for the blood spilt in the Italian wars of independence.