What do you do with radish pods?

What do you do with radish pods?

Enjoy crisp radish pods in stir-fries or even raw in salads. Fresh young radish seed pods are delicious raw or stir-fried. They are one of our favorite treats from the garden. I let some of my radishes go to seed (any kind of radish works fine). One radish plant gives me hundreds of pods, and the flowers are pretty.

Are radish seeds edible?

There are actually some varieties of edible radish seeds that are grown specifically for their pods. They are called “rat-tailed” radishes due to the shape of the pods. These do not form edible roots, just tasty pods. Any radish will form a pod though. They are slightly spicy but milder than the root.

What do you do with radish seeds in the fall?

Sow seeds in the spring to harvest pods into fall, and for mild winter climates, sow seeds again in fall to harvest pods in the spring. Each plant yields dozens of pods — more than enough to toss into a salad or stir-fry. My favorite way to eat radish seed pods is to pickle them first.

What do radish pods look like?

There are actually some varieties of radish, such as ‘Rattail,’ that are specifically planted for cultivation of the seed pods, although all radish varieties form edible seed pods. The pods look remarkably similar to short pea pods or green beans.