What happened to Randy Lanier's wife Mrs Lanier?

What happened to Randy Lanier’s wife Mrs Lanier?

Mrs Lanier travelled and lived with Randy in a motor home which she loved. During Randy’s racing career, it was disclosed that they lived extravagant life. The growing prominence of the racer backed up by his illegal business led to lavish life. However, along with time, the concerned authorities started investigating his finances.

Who is John Lanier’s wife?

In 1976 he married his wife Pam. They had a daughter, Brandie in 1980 and a son Glen in 1987, who was named after Lanier’s younger brother who was killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 16. He has other siblings as well. [2]

How old was Randy’s daughter when he was arrested?

When Randy was arrested in the late 1980s, his daughter was eight years old, and he also had a newborn son with Pam. He went on the run and was eventually arrested in Antigua. At the time, Randy was with his girlfriend, Maria De La Luz Maggi, whom he married while in prison and later divorced.

What is Randy Lanier’s age?

The prominent racer praised his latest birthday two weeks ago, on September 22. Born in the year 1954, Randy hailed from Virginia and was brought up in Florida. As of the fact mentioned above, the racer holds an American nationality. Furthermore, at the age of 14, reportedly, Lanier started consuming cannabis.