What is 302 commitment?

What is 302 commitment?

Involuntary Commitment (“302”) An involuntary commitment is an application for emergency evaluation and treatment for persons who are "dangerous" to themselves or others due to a mental illness. Dangerousness is determined based on the following criteria: Danger to self shall be shown by establishing that within the previous 30 days:

What does being 302’D mean?

A child, under the age of 14, will most likely be what is called 302’d or involuntary committed. This is the process by which an adult (parent, grandparent, therapist, psychiatrist, etc.) makes a call to a hospital for an ambulance to pick up the child and take them to the hospital.

What does it mean when someone is 302?

A 302 commitment in Pennsylvania is an involuntary commitment into a mental health institute for emergency psychiatric evaluation. The person who signs or calls for the 302 must have direct first hand knowledge of the person and the danger they pose to themselves or others. In order for a person to be considered a danger to themselves or others …

What is 302 law?

Under Pennsylvania Law, a 302 commitment is a disqualifier. If you have been committed under Section 302, you may not own, possess, use, or transfer firearms. However, Pennsylvania law provides an avenue to have those rights reinstated if you can prove that you can possess a firearm with no risk to yourself or others.