What is a single axle truck used for?

What is a single axle truck used for?

A single axle truck is a type of large truck that uses only one drive axle in the rear. This type of truck is commonly used as a city delivery truck, while the tandem axle truck, which uses two drive axles, is commonly used for long-haul trucking. Other versions are found in use as straight trucks, tow trucks, and dump trucks. The use of a single drive axle is made possible by reducing the amount of weight that the truck hauls.

How many axles on a flatbed truck?

The big freight trucks will usually have 5 axles total, 3 on the truck and 2 on the trailer. How many axles does a flatbed tow truck have? 48- and 53-foot lengths usually have two axles spread out to over 10 feet apart at the rear “California spread” in order to allow for more weight distribution on the rear of the deck (40,000 lb instead of 34,000 for a tandem axles design).

What is a full floating rear axle?

A full floating axle is a type of axle that does not rely on the axle to hold the wheel and hub onto the axle housing assembly. Using a hub located on the axle through the use of wheel bearings, this type of axle has axles that are slid through the wheel hubs and into the axle housing. A rear axle that drives the vehicle and is a full floating …

What is a lift axle or retractable axle?

What is a lift axle or retractable axle? A retractable axle or lift axle is a way in which the axle can be raised so that its tyres…