What is the anatomy of an artichoke?

What is the anatomy of an artichoke?

Anatomy of anArtichoke. The bud contains the heart, the delightful, meaty core of the artichoke, and is topped by a fuzzy center (or choke) which is surrounded by rows of petals that protect the artichoke heart. With their tiny thorns, the artichoke’s petals reveal their thistle heritage.

Is it safe to eat artichoke choke?

Eating the choke isn’t harmful, but it isn’t pleasant either. The artichoke is a member of the thistle family native to the Mediterranean, thought to be refined from its lesser-known cousin, the cardoon. The vegetable is actually a large flower bud.

How do you eat the heart of an artichoke?

Many people will try different implements, but a spoon is best and leaves a clear clean heart with no choke left on it. Eat your heart out. The heart of the artichoke is the most prized portion and often the only part restaurant chefs use in their recipes, but at home you can savor the whole artichoke experience.

How do you remove the choke from an artichoke?

They cover a finer, almost hairy growth just on top of the heart of the artichoke. Some people call this part the "choke," which is what you will do if you eat it, as it is very prickly. Remove the choke using gentle strokes with a spoon. If cooked well, the choke will scrape off easily. What remains after the choke is removed is the coveted heart.