What is the passing rate for the AANP FNP board exam?

What is the passing rate for the AANP FNP board exam?

In 2019, 86% of people passed the AANP FNP board exam on their first try. And you can too! Passing your board exam allows you to be a certified Nurse Practitioner.

How many questions are on the AANP exam?

Based on your results, it will tell you whether you are likely to pass the exam, at risk, or unlikely to pass. Two 75 question practice exams utilizing questions that are developed by AANP, so the questions are very similar to the style of questions you could expect on the actual exam.

Is there a practice exam for the FNP exam?

There’s a total of 3 practice exams now on PSI for FNP but I only did the first two. Each exam is $50 but I promise its the best money spent. These exams consist of "retired" questions from the board exams. These exams related most similar to my actual board exam!

What is the aanpcb exam?

AANPCB examinations are criterion-referenced tests designed to assess knowledge required for entry-level practice as a nurse practitioner. In a criterion-referenced examination, a candidate must obtain a score equal to or higher than the "passing score" to pass the test.