What is the relationship between a Scorpio and a cancer?

What is the relationship between a Scorpio and a cancer?

What do Cancer and Scorpio have in common?Cancer and Scorpio are both Water Signs.Cancer and Scorpio have many resources, serious and deep, but mostly they are known for their magnetic and attractive character.Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, while Scorpio is a Fixed Sign.Cancer and Scorpio are linked to each other by a deep sense of respect, a feeling that makes the bond sincere and secure.More items…

Can cancer and Scorpio be best friends?

This means that their conversations often venture beneath the surface, touching on the intricate details behind every topic. Scorpios can be incredibly possessive, while Cancers love to nurture those that they hold close to them. This can make the two form an almost unbreakable bond with each other, complementing each other perfectly.

Is cancer and Scorpio a good love match?

Overall, Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is strong as they look for a love that lasts forever. Scorpio and Cancer value loyalty, making them a wonderful match for a committed relationship. Both complement each other in what they lack. It won’t go well if their opinions vary since both are dominant and stubborn signs.

Are Scorpios and cancers meant to be together?

While Cancer and Scorpio feel good together and make it work most of the time, they do have their fair share of conflict or challenges to work out. Cancer and Scorpio are soul mates that feel an instant connection and work best together when they are at their best.