Where does Costco get its tilapia?

Where does Costco get its tilapia?

Regal Springs eventually expanded to Sumatra, to the rural and pristine Lake Toba, a deep crater lake where Costco currently sources most of the tilapia for its frozen Kirkland Signature product. Regal Springs also has farms on lakes and reservoirs in Honduras and Mexico, where some of Costco’s fresh tilapia is raised.

Is tilapia from Costco safe?

The Costco tilapia loins are lake grown and raised without the use of antibiotics. In my opinion tilapia isn’t unhealthy as long as you’re getting it from a reputable source like Costco. Tilapia is low in calories, has a ton of protein, is also a good source of vitamin B12, potassium and niacin.

Can you eat too much tilapia fish?

Tilapia is loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, which we already eat too much of in our modern society. Excess omega-6 can cause and exacerbate inflammation so much that it makes bacon look heart-healthy. Inflammation can lead to heart disease and also exacerbate symptoms for people suffering from asthma and arthritis. Is tilapia the dirtiest fish?

Why is tilapia fish good for You?

Tilapia Fish: Benefits and DangersIt’s an excellent source of protein and nutrients. Tilapia is a pretty impressive source of protein. …Its omega-6 to omega-3 ratio may lead to inflammation. Fish are almost universally considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet. …Reports of farming practices are concerning. …The safest way to eat tilapia and better alternatives. …The bottom line. …