Who are Gloria Williams and Brian Coulter?

Who are Gloria Williams and Brian Coulter?

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Public Instagram accounts of both Gloria Williams and her boyfriend, Brian Coulter, offer an inside look at their lives. Williams and Coulter were arrested Tuesday in connection with the death of Williams’ 8-year-old son. Both appeared in court Wednesday.

Who is Brian Coulter and how did he kill Kendrick Lee?

Brian Coulter, 30, allegedly punched and kicked Kendrick Lee to death in November 2020 and was charged with murder, according to court documents obtained by the US Sun.

Does Brian Coulter’s Instagram video show him slurring?

VIDEOS uploaded to Brian Coulter’s Instagram account appear to show him slurring his words and boozing after allegedly murdering an eight-year-old boy and “leaving his remains with his abandoned siblings” in a Texas apartment.

What did Tyler Coulter drink on Instagram?

Instagram videos, uploaded within the “year”, appear to show Coulter slurring his words and drinking alcohol. In one clip from February 15, the 31-year-old is seen eating his steak dinner and drinking a glass of Platino Love Strawberry wine. He says: “Where am I? Some of you gentlemen out there y’all have to be blessed and get lucky.