Who made the arrest in the Alexandria Cold Case?

Who made the arrest in the Alexandria Cold Case?

The Alexandria Police Department said Detective Tanner Dryden, who was assigned the cold case investigation in 2018, made the arrest. "He has spent numerous hours working this case in an attempt to bring some closure for the family," Alexandria police Public Information Officer Josh Peppers told Fox News.

What happened to Courtney Coco?

David Anthony Burns, 43, of Boyce, was arrested Tuesday on a second-degree murder charge in the death of Courtney Coco, whose body was found in an abandoned building in Winnie, Texas, roughly 200 miles from her home in Louisiana, police said. Coco, 19, was last seen by her mother at her Alexandria home two days before her body was found.

What happened to Courtney Love’s body?

He believed that Courtney was strangled at her apartment sometime around midnight on October 2, 2004, after which she was put in the trunk of her car. Then, Courtney’s body was dumped in Willie before the vehicle was left in Houston. The new work paid dividends when the authorities arrested David Anthony Burns, then 43 years old.

Who is Stephanie Belgard’s daughter Courtney Coco?

Courtney Megan Coco was the youngest of Stephanie Belgard’s three children. She graduated high school in 2003 and was majoring in criminal justice at Northwestern State University in Louisiana.