Who was apetor and how did he die?

Who was apetor and how did he die?

YouTuber Apetor, also known as Tor Eckhoff, has reportedly been found dead in a river in Norway days after reassuring fans in a video he was alive. Tributes from the YouTube and Twitch communities to Norwegian content creator Apetor have been all over the internet after news spread he had passed away in a tragic accident.

How old was Tor from apetor?

Born on November 22, 1964, he celebrated his 57th birthday mere days before he passed. His YouTube channel, named "Apetor" was created on October 10, 2006, and flaunts 1.21 million subscribers. Tor used his channel to document his adventures, from his road trips to his boat rides.

What happened to YouTube star apetor?

Eckhoff, known on YouTube as Apetor, reportedly fell through the ice at Jakobs Dam in Kongsberg, Norway. Though he was alone, an eye witness reportedly called for authorities who pulled him from the water. Eckhoff was known for his videos capturing wild stunts in the Scandinavian winter.

What happened to apetor’s fans?

"Śmierć Apetora zdruzgotała fanów, ale jego twórczość podzieliła widzów" [The death of Apetor devestated fans, but general audiences were divided]. Spider’s Web [ pl] (in Polish).