Why choose California Closets Murphy beds?

Why choose California Closets Murphy beds?

California Closets’ Murphy bed solutions include beautiful cabinetry, finishes, and shelving to transform a space into a comfortable sleeping area when needed. California Closets Murphy beds respect the aesthetics and purpose of the room, allowing it to seamlessly serve two or more functions.

What is the warranty on California Closets?

Each California Closets system comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any substantial defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product as long as you own your home. Not only do we customize your storage solution to your needs and budget, we tailor the installation process to your life.

What is a murphy bed?

Murphy Beds (sometimes called Wall Beds) are masterful creations designed to pop down whenever something, or someone unexpected pops up. No room for a guest room? Our Murphy Beds with beautiful cabinetry, finishes, and shelving let you create a multifunctional room without additional space.

Why choose California Closets?

We LOVE our new closet! Very professional and courteous! Overall, we had a great experience, and California Closets was able to accommodate our budget with a great product and maximize our small closet.