Why did armed men attack modelorama in Zihuatanejo?

Why did armed men attack modelorama in Zihuatanejo?

A Zihuatanejo businessman told El Universal that tortilla shop owners had received calls and messages demanding payments in exchange for not setting their businesses on fire. Armed men started a fire at a Modelorama beer store in Zihuatanejo Friday in what appeared to be retaliation for a failure to make cobro de piso, or extortion, payments.

What is the situation in Sierra de Zihuatanejo in Guerrero?

Despite the fact that since last weekend members of the Mexican Army and the National Guard arrived in the Sierra de Zihuatanejo area, in Guerrero, as demanded by 70 families displaced by pressure from the Los Cuernudos criminal group, the residents reported that the situation in the area remains the same and nothing has changed.

Why are all the tortillerías in Zihuatanejo closed?

Violence and threats from organized crime have forced tortilla shops, schools and public transport to shut down in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, this week. Almost all of the approximately 50 tortillerías in the Pacific coast resort town closed early Thursday, the newspaper El Universal reported. Long lines formed at the few that remained open.

Why were taxis suspended in Zihuatanejo on Monday?

Many taxis and public transit vans suspended service in Zihuatanejo on Monday due to violence against drivers and threats by organized crime. The forum is available to logged-in subscribers only.