Why did Bill Belew design Elvis’ jumpsuit?

Why did Bill Belew design Elvis’ jumpsuit?

“I crossed paths with Bill Belew in the early 1970s, when he was designing costumes for Elvis,” said Doucette. “The jumpsuit was Bill’s idea. He was inspired by clothing from the Napoleonic era, particularly the high collars.” The talented writer and designer explains why jumpsuits were the perfect outfit for the energetic artist.

Did Elvis ever wear a two piece suit?

One of the several similar ‘two-piece’ suits Elvis wore during March – May 1975. Although these 1975 (navy blue/white) suits are often referred as two-piece suits (pants & jacket), they’re not exactly that. They’re more like jumpsuits without sleeves, and a jacket on top.

What was Elvis’s favorite jumpsuit?

Doucette recalls his favorite jumpsuit that he made for Elvis Presley for the 1973 show he did in Hawaii. The jumpsuit was an instant hit. “My most famous design, and probably my personal favorite, is the suit Elvis wore for his Aloha in Hawaii in 1973. He had requested a patriotic design because the show was going to be broadcast around the world.