Why is my Christmas cactus turning purple/red?

Why is my Christmas cactus turning purple/red?

Christmas cactus plant turns purple/red when the plant gets too much sun in the summer. Too much direct sunlight causes leaves to turn purple on the edges. Christmas cactus plant also turns purple when the plant is root-bound. Make sure that your Christmas cactus doesn’t get bright, direct sunlight in the summer season.

What does root rot look like on a Christmas cactus?

It is characterized in Christmas Cactus by mushy tissue, wilting, and pink or reddish discolorations on the leaves. Another tell-tale sign of root rot is a musty or sour smell in the soil. An affected plant should be repotted into fresh, unused potting soil and left unwatered for 2 to 3 weeks.

What are the white spots on my Christmas cactus leaves?

If you see white spots on the Christmas cactus plant, it is due to the Impatiens Necrotic spot virus. Infected plant’s leaves turn yellow. Plant becomes wilted although sometimes the disease is asymptomatic.

What is wrong with my Christmas cactus?

Cultural stress is one of the common Christmas cactus problems, specifically if the plant is exposed to direct sun in summer or doesn’t receive enough water. As a tropical forest species, this cactus performs best in partial shade during warm seasons; however it prefers full sunlight during midwinter.