Are condoms bad for the environment?

Are condoms bad for the environment?

But that doesn’t mean using condoms is hands-down bad for the environment. One eco-friendly condom company, Sustain, started by father-daughter team Meika and Jeffrey Hollender, argues that using condoms is actually net good for the environment, despite the fact that it’s a disposal product, because condoms contribute to population control.

What are gentler condoms made out of?

Better, Gentler Ingredients. P.S. Condoms are made with all natural rubber latex, using a proprietary distillation process for a smoother and softer condom. Unlike most major condom brands, our condoms are 100% Vegan, and do not contain the animal protein casein.

Why choose 100% vegan condoms?

100% Vegan for a reason. Most latex condoms contain casein (a dairy byproduct) and other unnatural ingredients, which cause them to stink. Our condoms are 100% vegan so they are clear and odorless. This way, the only animal in your bedroom is you. Exceptionally thin & perfectly lubricated.

Are condoms biodegradable?

But there’s one area that condoms fall short, and that’s when it comes to being conscientious about the environment. By their nature, condoms are a one-and-done deal — you really shouldn’t reuse them, for the most part. And, despite a very common rumor, most condoms aren’t biodegradable.