What did Tron Austin call Dallas Austin's father?

What did Tron Austin call Dallas Austin’s father?

Dallas Austin’s son Tron Austin unloaded on his father in social media posts over the weekend. In one post, the 21-year-old called his music producer father a "clown".

Is Dallas Austin in a relationship with TLC?

Was formerly in a relationship with music producer Dallas Austin. They have one son. Her son, with Dallas Austin, is named Tron (b June 2, 1997). Appears with fellow TLC bandmate, Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins, on the charity album, "What’s Goin’ On?".

What happened to Dallas Austin’s ex Chilli?

Music producer Dallas Austin recently sat down for an interview with Angela Yee and shared how hard it was for him when he learned his ex-girlfriend Chilli had moved on to Usher. Dallas Austin and TLC member Chilli, born Rozonda Thomas, dated in the 90s, and after they broke up she started a relationship with Usher.

Who are Denise Austin’s daughters?

Denise Austin’s Daughters are Kelly Austin and Katie Austin. Denise is a fitness expert and writer who also was a memeber of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. In addition to this, she is a dietician and has a background in gymnastics. She also has a lot of popular workout DVDs out.

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