Can I get a nursing degree with a 4th degree misdemeanor?

Can I get a nursing degree with a 4th degree misdemeanor?

If it was a fourth degree misdemeanor domestic violence there may be some arguments to make. None of this stops you from getting the degree. Keep in mind schools only care about your money and will accept you even if you can’t work in the field. Even if you were granted expungement the nursing board can still see the conviction and you would be…

Can I become a nurse with an unsealed criminal record?

You may, of course, pursue a nursing degree, but with an unsealed conviction of this sort on your record, I would expect you would run into trouble gaining licensure. Although expungement/sealing is relatively simple, it’s important that you speak with a lawyer…

Can I get my nursing license with a misdemeanor?

Just because nursing laws in your state forbid you from getting your nursing license with a misdemeanor doesn’t mean that other state laws are as strict. Working as a travel nurse could be a way around this.

Do you have to have a felony to be a nurse?

Some states may even require that when you apply for a Nursing License from the state boards, you may be required to not have any prior felonies, etc. Keep in mind that sometimes states, and employers will place a question on the application that asks, “Have you ever been convicted of a Felony, Misdemeanor, etc.” So you want to keep that in mind.