Can You condition your hair before a perm?

Can You condition your hair before a perm?

Moisturize your hair two days before your perm appointment. Shampoo it and rinse thoroughly. Apply a moisturizing conditioner and allow it to work for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. If you wish, you may also apply a protein-based, deep-conditioning treatment for maximum moisture. A perm will dry out your hair.

Can You "Perm" really long hair?

Yet, you need to understand that length stands for weight, and heavier hair is not so good at holding a curl. Nonetheless, a perm can last longer on fine or thin locks, even if they are quite lengthy, so it’s better to discuss the procedure with your hairdresser beforehand.

Can you bleach your hair with a perm?

You should never bleach or highlight permed hair. Both of those chemical processes are very damaging to hair, and combining them will likely break your hair beyond repair. Some people have even reported that their hair broke off in chunks.

Does a perm damage bleached hair?

While there is a misconception that perms will leave your hair damaged and dry, if your hair is already healthy, a perm shouldn’t do too much damage. If you have lightened or bleached hair, getting a perm is slightly riskier, so it’s important to go to a professional.