Can you still buy a Ford 460 crate engine?

Can you still buy a Ford 460 crate engine?

There’s so much remaining love for the old-school big block Ford that you can still buy 460 crate engines from performance suppliers like Summit Racing. Many of the crate engines available are remanufactured authentic for 460s. There is even a 460-based Ford Performance engine with a massive 572 cubic inches of displacement readily available.

How much space do you need under a 460 engine?

The 460 engine is a massive chunk of metal that you almost need a shoehorn to get in and out of a car. The engine measures 34 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 30 inches high. That means you need nearly 27 cu. ft. of real estate under your hood. While you’re grabbing the shoehorn, get yourself a decent engine hoist, too.

What size engine does a Ford 460 have?

The Ford 460 is a 7.5-liter engine. It definitely is a big engine that has enough power for your RV or your motorhome. The engine also features rods measuring 6.605 inches, creating a rod length to stroke ratio of 1.71:1. Let’s say you’ve been searching for an old 460 and found one that needs major repair and restoration.

Is the Ford 460 the last big block engine?

These two engines proved to be the last of Ford’s V8 big block engines but are still quite popular today among engine enthusiasts. Beginning in 1968, the Ford 460 was manufactured at Ford’s plant in Lima, Ohio.