Do you eat the pepperoni casing?

Do you eat the pepperoni casing?

Some pepperoni casings are thin and edible, but others can be thick and unpleasant to chew. When the casing is too thick to eat, it can easily be peeled away from the meat. Since the casing essentially acts as a coat, and is put on after the cooking process, there should be no problem with peeling it off.

Do I remove casing from sausage?

While most sausage lovers will cook a sausage in its casing, there are times when the casings can be removed. Removing a sausage casing gives you access to the deliciousness inside, allowing you to use the filling for other recipe ideas. Sausage casings hold and shape the meat and spices inside to keep it all contained.

Do they still make sausage casings from intestines?

Traditionally, link sausage is stuffed into natural casings made from the intestines of animals, but artificial casings are also available on the market. These days most commercial sausages use synthetic casings.

How to take sausage out of the casing?

Simply run the meat under warm water for a few seconds first then follow these steps:Place your sausage on the chopping board.Using a very sharp knife, lightly cut along the sausage length-ways.Peel off the casing and add the sausage meat to your dish.