Does Costco accept block pallets from IGPs?

Does Costco accept block pallets from IGPs?

Costco accepts block pallets from iGPS, CHEP, and PECO. All others require advance approval on a case-by-case basis. Email nlc@costco for guidance. On delivery, all pallets–including those from approved pallet pooling companies–are visually assessed for load support, soundness, and floor use serviceability.

How to buy pallets of Costco merchandise?

The first step to buying pallets of Costco merchandise is to find a liquidation company. The trick here is not to go for the first warehouse that claims to sell the famous retailer’s returned or refurbished products. In fact, here’s a tip: never buy items without verifying the source.

What is a salvage pallet?

A salvage pallet, or a return pallet, is a pallet load of goods that customers have returned. Often these items have been used only slightly, but they can’t be put back on the shelves and sold as new. So retailers, such as the warehouse giant Costco, will sell these goods to other distributors at a fraction of the price.

Where can I buy returned pallets?

Liquidators and distributors can purchase return pallets from warehouse giant Costco. Some of the customer-returned goods may be slightly used but you can purchase them for up to 35 percent of the original price. Contact your local Costco in person or register online at Costco Liquidation Auctions.