Does Costco offer domestic partner benefits?

Does Costco offer domestic partner benefits?

Costco offers affordable health insurance to both part-time and full-time employees. The healthcare coverage includes general medical, hearing aids, and mental health care. These benefits are for the entire family, including spouses, domestic partners, and children.

What are the benefits of Visa Signature?

Visa Signature’s Extra BenefitsWarranty Manager Service: Visa will double the warranty on items you buy. …Emergency Ticket Replacement: If you lose your ticket, Visa will make sure you get a new one. …Emergency Transportation Assistance: Visa can arrange for your transportation under medical supervision.Medical Referral Assistance. …Legal Referral Assistance. …Emergency Message Service. …More items…

What are the benefits of the Costco Visa card?

Perks and Benefits of the Costco Credit Card. Unlike some retail cards, you can use the Costco Anywhere Visa wherever Visa cards are accepted, and earn rewards across categories not …Earning Rewards with Costco Credit Card. …Alternatives to the Costco Credit Card for Wholesale Club Savings. …Costco Membership. …

Can you use any visa at Costco?

You are allowed to use any Visa credit or debit card. MasterCard Visa Card by Citi. Benefits the Costco Anywhere program. The most common debit/ATM card with a pin number. I have an Costco Shop Card*. Cash. Checks payable to Costco members in the present. Costco Business Members currently receive business checks from Costco.