Does Pergo need a subfloor?

Does Pergo need a subfloor?

c. Pergo must be installed as a floating floor and must not be fixed to the subfloor. A 3⁄8" expansion space must be provided around the perimeter of the room and any fixed objects such as pipes or, columns. Door-jambs and casings must be undercut. The Pergo flooring must be placed 3at least a ⁄8" beneath the undercut jambs and casings.

How much does Pergo flooring installation cost?

The average cost for Pergo installation is around $2,000 to $3,000, or $3 to $22 per square foot, for a 500-square foot space. These costs will vary depending on the kind of flooring being installed, labor costs, contractor fees and the size of the room or space being remodeled.

How much is Pergo laminate flooring per square foot?

Pergo laminate flooring averages $3 per square foot for the supplies and $5 per square foot to install. Expect to spend $1,500 to $7,000 on this project. Expect to spend $1,500 to $7,000 on this project.

What is the average labor costs for a Pergo floor?

The price of labor will vary based on the contractor’s rate and his or her associated fees. Many contractors charge by the hour to install laminate floors. For a 500-square foot room, $1,800 to $2,200 is typical….Average Pergo Flooring Installation Cost. Rate Range.