How do I login to my miHoYo account?

How do I login to my miHoYo account?

If you have a miHoYo Account, enter your email address and password on the login interface to log in. If you do not have a miHoYo Account, you can quickly log in using a third party account.

Can I link multiple game accounts to one miHoYo account?

9. I have a game account on several servers. Can I link them all to the same miHoYo Account? Yes. A miHoYo Account does not share the link status across servers with current accounts. A miHoYo Account can be linked to one game account per server.

Will the link status of my miHoYo pass or authorized third party account?

6. After introducing the miHoYo Account system, will the link status of my miHoYo Pass or authorized third party account be retained? The linked status will be retained as follows: 1. miHoYo Pass: The "Link Third Party Account" option has become the "Link miHoYo Account" option.

How do I link my Genshin Impact account to miHoYo?

Click on “Account” to go to your account settings. After you’ve clicked on “Account”, you’ll land on the miHoYo login page. Your Genshin Impact account is the same as your miHoYo account. Hence, you need to use the same username/email and password as your Genshin Impact account to log in.