How do you unlock Limit Break in Tifa?

How do you unlock Limit Break in Tifa?

The Waterkick is Tifa’s first Level 2 Limit Break and unlocked after 96 enemies are defeated in battle. It targets one enemy at a time and hits enemies with an attack that deals 1.5x the damage of Tifa’s regular attacks.

How do Tifa’s Limit Breaks work?

Tifa’s Limit Breaks work differently than other characters. Tifa will cycle through all of her learned Limit Breaks in turn, with the effective damage depending on your luck with the slots running while her attacks are activating. Was this guide helpful?

What is the waterkick in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Just like the Somersault Limit Break, the Waterkick is an additional attack that combines with its previous attack assuming the player has landed a “Hit” or a “Yeah” on the slots. However, if the player’s reel lands on the “Miss” then the attack will completely miss.

What is Tifa’s best attack?

Despite her attacks targeting one opponent at a time landing a “Hit” or a “Yeah!” on the slot will mean she is very capable of clearing a group of enemies in one turn. The Final Heaven Limit Break is Tifa’s ultimate Limit Break and is unsurprisingly her most powerful physical attack in the game.