How many people did Anton Chigurh kill with the cattle gun?

How many people did Anton Chigurh kill with the cattle gun?

As I’ve noted before, this is flat-out wrong: Anton Chigurh kills exactly one person —the unlucky motorist—with the cattle gun; the remainder of his dozen-plus murders (with the exception of his strangulation of the policeman) are committed with conventional firearms, such as the one pictured above.

Why does Chigurh use a bolt gun to kill?

Typically, the air powered bolt gun is utilized in slaughterhouses to quickly and effectively slaughter cattle. The fact that Chigurh uses the bolt gun to kill his victims speaks to his conception of human beings as no different than animals.

What makes Anton Chigurh’s look so iconic?

Let’s start externally with Anton’s iconic look. The Anton Chigurh haircut, wardrobe and weapons have all become cinematic icons since the release of the film. And while these details might seem secondary to the content of Chigurh’s character, they are all an important part of character design.

What gun does Anton Chigurh use in no country for old men?

Is the gun (with the silencer) that Anton Chigurh uses in No Country for Old Men real/possible? In the movie, Chigurh uses a sawed-off, Remington 11-87 semiautomatic 12 gauge shotgun with a 10-inch suppressor.