How much does a Bone Stimulator cost?

How much does a Bone Stimulator cost?

For example, for an internal spinal cord stimulator, you will have to pay anywhere between $15,500 and $51,000, or even more if you don’t have health insurance. One of the most popular bone stimulator brands is the Orthofix and it costs anywhere between $120 and $1,100.

Does Medicare cover Bone Stimulator?

The out of pocket cost for a bone growth stimulator depends on your insurance provider. For individuals receiving Medicare benefits, the cost you will have to cover is generally 20% of the Medicare allowable amount.

Do Bone Growth Stimulator’s really work?

How Bone Growth Stimulators Work. A bone growth stimulator enhances the body’s natural bone healing process by adding electrical current where it’s needed. This technology is especially helpful for people who have undergone spinal fusion operations.

What are possible side effects of surgery for bone metastasis?

Short term side effectsSkin irritation/rednessFatigueBone pain (more common with SBRT)Itching of skinNausea/diarrhea