How to calculate the specific capacity of a well?

How to calculate the specific capacity of a well?

capacity of the well. Monitoring specific capacity is a simple and reliable method to determine whether there have been any significant changes in performance. A well’s specific capacity equals the discharge rate (in gpm) divided by the water level drawdown (in feet). For example a well with a pumping rate of 200gpm with a 10foot drawdown has

How much does it cost to cap a well?

The price is also generally rated based on how deep it will be and the level of difficulty. For instance, with drilling the hole and the installation of the case and the well cap, the cost of water installation is around $15 to $30 per ft. For a 100 -meter deep well, it could cost somewhere from $1,500 to $3,000.

How to seal a well?

We begin by contacting the local health department to obtain a water well abandonment permit. …Once the permit has been approved, we can begin the sealing process. …Next, we measure the depth and diameter of the well and the static water level, which is the distance from the soil surface to the level of non-pumping water in …More items…

How to seal an old well?

• In the upper 20 feet of the well, place the sealing material—bentonite approved for water-well sealing, clean clay, or neat ce-ment grout.* Concrete or cement may be used if the upper part of the well is dry. • Using proper equipment and safety devices, remove at least the top 2 feet of the well casing. The casing will be either brick,